19/08/2014 16:39 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Baby Miraculously Survives 11-Storey Balcony Fall

Star Tribune

A 15-month-old baby boy has survived an 11-storey fall from a balcony, after he narrowly missed hitting the pavement and instead landed on a patch of soil.

Musa Dayib is in a critical but stable condition after slipping between the railings of the balcony at his family's apartment in Minneapolis, US.

Dr Tina Slusher, who treated Musa, said an adult who fell from that distance would almost certainly be dead.

"Little (kids) are more flexible and don't break as easily as we do," Dr Slusher told local news site KARE. "And he also fell in a very small patch of mulch [loose material put on soil].

"It's definitely a miracle. It's God's gift to his family. Kids don't fall this far and make it often. Especially without a serious brain injury. You or I would've been dead."

Musa fell more than 100 feet and missed hitting the pavement and a steel box containing electrical equiptment by inches.

Doctors are now treating him for concussion, rib fractures and bruising to his lungs as well as fractures in both his arms and his backbone.

Although it's too early to say whether the toddler will suffer any long-term problems from the fall, Dr Slusher has said she expects him to survive and hopes he will be out of hospital in a matter of weeks or months.

Musa's father, Guled Ahmed, had been watching his toddler son and his three-year-old daughter while their mother was out running errands on Sunday, May 11, according to the Star Tribune.

He left them briefly at about 8pm to go into the kitchen and had been away less than a minute when his daughter ran into the kitchen saying: 'The baby fell.'

Mr Ahmed's sister Sahra Dayib said her brother looked over the balcony railing and saw Musa laying on the ground below.

He grabbed his daughter and ran down the stairs to reach Musa - who was conscious and crying.

Neighbours quickly gathered to see what they could do. One neighbour, Abdirizaqk Bihi, said he had been out for a walk with his daughters when they saw a commotion outside the building.

"When people found out he survived, no one could believe it," Mr Bihi said. "I'm more concerned about his dad and his mother. They're devastated. They can't even speak.

"It took place in less than a minute. The grandmother told me that the daughter opened the balcony door. This is such a tragedy. The parents are blaming themselves."

Neighbours have pledged to set up a fund to support the family as they come to terms with the horrific incident.

In a statement released by hospital officials, the parents said they were thankful for the 'continued prayers for Musa and his family at this time.'

After the incident, owners of the Riverside Plaza apartments met with community members to talk about measures to stop small children opening the patio doors.

Chris Sherman, whose family owns and manages the apartments, said the balcony railings are 47 inches high and spaced 5½ to 6 inches apart. He said the design passed inspection in 2011-2012.

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