19/08/2014 16:40 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Toddler Choked On Lollipop After Bouncing On Sofa

by Jessica Ojala

A 19-month-old boy died after choking on a lollipop, an inquest heard.

Tyler Stanton was sucking on the sweet when he bounced onto the sofa at home in Walsall, West Midlands.

The lollipop lodged into the back of his throat and left him unable to breathe.

Smethwick Coroners Court heard that the boy's terrified parents tried desperately to dislodge the lollipop but the stick snapped off, leaving the sweet stuck in his throat.

Paramedics were called and Tyler was taken to the town's Manor Hospital where he tragically died on April 26 last year.

Tyler's mum Zoe Jones said Tyler had first run into the bathroom to find his dad Greg before running back out again and throwing himself on the sofa.

Miss Jones said: "That's when it happened. After running back he launched himself on to the settee.

"The next thing I knew someone shouted Tyler was choking. We tried to get the lollipop out but the stick came off and the lollipop went down his throat.

"We called for the ambulance. He could not breathe because the lollipop was too big."

A post mortem found that Tyler had otherwise been fit and healthy.

The remains of the lollipop were found still lodged in the back of his throat. His lungs had collapsed.

Senior coroner for the Black Country, Mr Robin Balmain, said the medical cause of death had been given as airway obstruction due to a foreign body.

He told Miss Jones the death of her son was a 'tragedy'.

He said: "This little boy has had an accident and that is what shall be reflected in my conclusion.

"I am really sorry this has happened to you."