20/08/2014 09:18 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Ikea Is Opening A Spa

Does the idea of shopping in Ikea give you a headache before you even set foot in the store? We've got good news.

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Ikea has announced the opening of its first overnight spa experience to coincide with National Relaxation Day.

The Ikea Retreat, which will open on 7 September, is a pop-up sanctuary featuring a variety of spa treatments and holistic therapies.

The unique project has been designed to make us think twice about the healing power of the bedroom and bathroom. And apparently, we need a reminding about the subject of relaxation.

As Myriam Ruffo, the head of bedroom and bathroom at Ikea, explains, "Two thirds of us feel stressed before we even get out of bed." Even worse, "Brits experience 14 bouts of stress a day."

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"It's vital that people create a space where they can completely escape and find ways to organise their lives to combat stress," Ruffo added.

"This event will show people that you really don't have to go to a retreat to have a treat; there are lots of simple ways to unlock the healing power of the bedroom and the bathroom so you can start and end each day better."

Want to give it a go? The Ikea Retreat is open to Ikea family members and will open its doors in Glasgow, Belfast, Warrington, Lakeside and Manchester.

And if you can't make it to one of the new spas, the brand is offering handy tips on how to have a stress-free morning on its website.

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