Photo-Realistic Video Game Screenshots Blur The Line Between Real And Fake

You Won't Believe It But These Images Aren't Photos

With the next-generation of games consoles like the Xbox One and Sony PS4 now upon us, the hunt is now well and truly on to find games that can offer photo-realistic graphics.

Well gamers and developers believe that time is here and to prove it we've compiled some incredible screenshots which show just how far games have come.

The first of these come courtesy of gamer @Berduu who has been documenting his time on Battlefield 4, and we're very happy he did because the resulting images he's taken look, at a quick glance, real.

He's not alone either, games developers also believe that the age of photorealism is dawning, so much so that one company called 'Better Reality' has developed a revolutionary 3D-mapping technique which can create video game maps that look real, so real that we'd argue you can't tell the difference.


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