'Celebrity Big Brother': 'Drunk' Lauren Goodger Flirts With Ricci Guarnaccio... Before Moving Onto George Gilbey (PICS, VIDEO)

Lauren Is Already Talk Of The 'CBB' House

Well, it didn’t take Lauren Goodger long to find the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ booze supply did it?

The former ‘TOWIE’ cast member wasted no time after entering the house, and after a few drinks she got rather flirty with two of her fellow housemates.

Lauren and Ricci waste no time in getting flirty

As the housemates got to know each other, The Goodge took ‘Geordie Shore’ star Ricci Guarnaccio aside and asked him to check - and then feel - whether or not she had a “wet bum”, which didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the housemates.

“I’ve got a wet bum too,” joked boxer Audley Harrison. Nice try, Audley. Nice. Try.

However, during ‘Big Brother’s Bit On The Side’ later that night, GC, Queen of Kaftans (that’s Lauren’s pal and former co-star Gemma Collins, for those that don’t know) agreed with presenter Emma Willis that Lauren turned into a bit of a “flirty Bertie” when she had a drink, revealing: “I think George is more her type.”

Lauren and George have a cuddle

After flirting up a storm with Ricci, Lauren was then seen giggling with George as they talked at the table in the living room, asking the ‘Gogglebox’ star if he thought she looked ugly, to which he replied: “You never look ugly.”

Wow - his first time on TV without his parents and George is already setting his sights on The Goodge.

The pair were then shown having a cuddle, with Lauren telling him, “I’m so glad you’re here” and then lamenting, "I wish I was sober now."

Let's just hope Lauren learns from Lee Ryan's mistakes before getting caught up in a 'CBB' love triangle, eh?

Tune into Celebrity Big Brother on Wednesday, 20 August at 10pm on Channel 5 to see how things progress in the house. And to see how sore Lauren’s head was the following morning.

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