20/08/2014 12:37 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Period Panties: They Actually Exist And Are Available On Kickstarter

UPDATE: You can now buy these Period Panties via online retailer Firebox

While most of us are happy to slum it in our granny pants at that time of the month, one Kickstarter entrepreneur just doesn't want it to go on any longer.

So, he created Period Panties, "fun underwear that high-fives you for being a woman and serves as a friendly reminder to others!"

Great right? But, hold on a second. We're not sure we see anything friendly about a pair of knickers emblazoned with a female zombie chowing down on an arm as she emerges from her grave. The slogan "Dawn Of The Red" scrawled across the front doesn't really help either...

... Or an angry pirate named Red Beard for that matter.


period panties

While we certainly see the humour in the slightly controv undies, the fact that these were created by a man makes us a little uncomfortable. A man who said the following:

"​[My girlfriend] was really tired of rejecting her totally awesome boyfriend's advances during her time of the month.

"Well, he didn't know that she was on her period, and she didn't feel like explaining it every time. Obviously, the best solution was to create a pair of underwear that explained now really isn't a good time."

These pants are fun and novel at best and kind of offensive and a sexist at worst. We seriously doubt a woman feels fed up having to tell her other half she doesn't want to have sex because she's on her period.

Let's not fabricate a problem, alright!?

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