Samsung Builds Rainbow Over London Out Of Tablets, For Some Reason

Rainbow Over London Built Out Of Tablets, For Some Reason

Samsung's new tablets have indisputably awesome screens and now they've been put to the best effect possible - building a giant rainbow above London, for some reason.

The South Korean tech giant build a massive archway made of 150 Tab S tablets over Observation Point on London's Southbank.

The rainbow - which is 14 feet high and 26 feet wide - was used to create these pretty awesome pictures, below.

And we have to admit, the Super AMOLED screens on these things really make the image pop.

Here's the PR-y quote from Samsung UK president Andy Griffiths for context:

"In much the same way that people can never fully appreciate the intense colours you get with a rainbow because they only see it when there is some kind of light either from the sun or the moon, likewise they also may not appreciate the difference that a great screen can make to the overall entertainment experience when they are watching a movie."

The 8.4-inch Wi-Fi Tab S is out now for £319.00, and the 10.5-inch Wi-Fi version is out for £399.00.


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