20/08/2014 12:54 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

What Do Adidas Originals, Starbucks And Louis Vuitton Have In Common?

Advertising on Instagram is a big deal and all the biggest brands want in.

The thing is, the social media photo sharing platform needs to address the issue of fake accounts using official logos and brand names if they want to win followers.

Jamie Riddell, co-founder of analytics platform BirdSong conducted a study to identify 50 of the biggest global brands on Instagram and the search results for each name.

The most faked brand was adidas Originals with 22 imitators damaging its name and profile. Starbucks was second position with 21 fakes while Louis Vuitton had 19.

As Riddell's analysis suggests, its high time Instagram cracked down on this. Fake accounts deny brands followers - but they also blur branded messages and confuse fans because at present, there's no way of telling which account is legit.


"Twitter has wrestled with this problem, and solved it," says Riddell. "Launched in 2009, its verified accounts allow a person or brand to establish its true identity with a blue profile badge. Facebook followed suit a year ago.

"Brands should ensure all their approved accounts, including affiliates and franchises, maintain a consistent logo or icon."

It's not just brands though - celebrities on Instagram are constantly being duped. A verification tool is essential if it wants to stay ahead of the social media game.

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