Celebrity Photoshop Fails: 19 Stars Who Have Been Airbrushed To Within An Inch Of Their Showbiz Lives (PICS)


Ever picked up up a magazine, looked at the celeb staring back at you and thought 'how the hell do they always manage to look so good?'? Of course you have. And chances are, the star on the cover looks nowhere near as flawless in real life thanks to Photoshop.

But every now and then someone, somewhere gets a little too enthusiastic with the airbrushing and the results are freakish rather than fresh.

We're talking impossible poses, missing limbs and celebrities looking so different even their own mothers wouldn't recognise them.

Here's our round-up of some of the most memorable (for all the wrong reasons) examples of celebrity photoshop fails...

Celebrity Photoshop Fails

Celebrity Photoshop Fails

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