Disney Unveils Free Star Wars: Commander Game On iOS

There's A New Star Wars Game For Your iPhone

Star Wars: Commander is the new free-to-play game for iPhone from Disney and straight from the outset you can see that it's aiming to take on one game in particular: Clash of Clans.

Commander lets you build a base and construct armies, then via Apple's Game Center you can then take on other players around the globe.

The game looks gloriously simple and the cartoon-like design seems to mimic that of the new Star Wars: Rebels TV series which is set to debut later this year.

Now for the bad news: Inevitably, micro transactions and social media incentives are present. It remains to be seen however whether these will result in the game becoming a repeat of Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile.

The last few weeks has seen a massive push from Disney in Star Wars-related content, from the unveiling of the Star Wars: Rebels TV series to the news that Disney would be creating a completely separate Star Wars-themed section for its theme park in Florida.


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