'Swing Copters' Review: Like Flappy Bird, This Too Will Pass

Nguyen Dong

Let's not forget that before the hoopla, before the addiction, before the soft toys and merchandise and clones, Flappy Bird was a game.

A simple game. An honest game.

Now creator Nguyen Dong is back with another very similar tappy-die-tappy-die game, Swing Copters, and it too is horrible.

Designed with the same ultra fast, ultra hard, completely irritating gameplay as his erstwhile megahit, the game sees you tap to change a helicopter-thing's direction in order to make it through a series of vertical gates.

The twist is that it's hideously hard and frustrating to control, and really makes little sense other than a test of patience or the human ability to endure pain.

Here's a video of what you'll be facing when you inevitably download this, and think maybe it's amazing, until you realise it isn't, and go outside, and breathe deeply the last days of summer and thank god you never have to play it again.