22/08/2014 14:39 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

How To Do A Braided Updo

Classic updos are a chic, fuss-free way of styling long hair, but if you're bored of ballerina buns and chignons, there's a new look to try.

Say hello to the messy braided updo.


This plaited style isn't as neat as the crown braid and it's great for making a fancy outfit feel more casual. (Kate Bosworth is a big fan of this look if you ever need inspiration.)

To try it at home, you'll need bobby pins, a thin hair tie, dry shampoo and a volumising hairspray or powder for added texture.

Never tried it before? Follow this how-to video and read through the tips below before you start:

1. With your hair loose, add dry shampoo, hairspray and volumising powder to create texture in your hair.

2. Pin-up a sub-section of your hair from the back so that it's out of the way (make this a bigger section if you have thicker hair.)

3. Do a standard plait on the hair which is left loose at the back, applying the hair tie before moving back up the plait and pulling it gently apart to add texture.

4. Continue to plait sections around your head, varying the style of plait to create different textures and a more interesting look.

5. Pull together the side and top plaits and twist into a bun-like shape with the ends tucked underneath and secure it with bobby pins.

6. Roll the bottom plaits up into similar shapes and secure with bobby pins.

7. Pull a couple of wispy pieces out from behind the ears to add to the romantic, textured look.

8. If necessary, add more volumising powder to the top of your head and massage the hair lightly with your fingers.

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