22/08/2014 07:27 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Teen Brings Home An Unusual Souvenir From Cyprus - A Stray Dog


Most teenagers come back from holiday with a ton of tacky souvenirs and selfies, but one 14-year-old girl went a step further and brought home a stray dog.

Mia Lorryman, from Leeds, fell in love with the abandoned pooch when she found it outside the villa where her family were staying in Cyprus last month.

Mia named the dog 'Lady' as she reminded her of the beagle from the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp, and the pair soon became inseparable.

Lady became Mia's constant companion during her family's two week holiday, joining her at meals, on trips to the beach, by the pool and even sleeping at the foot of her bed.


Mia's mother, Amanda, 55, said that by the second day of the holiday she and Mia's father, Ian, 44, knew Lady would be coming home with them.

"I started making calls to see about rescue, but it turns out that abandoned dogs are such a problem in Cyprus that they tend to end up rounding up these animals and terminating them, knowing they are impossible to home," she told The Express.

Amanda got in touch with the Cyprus Dogs Rehoming Association, who helped her get Lady a rabies jab and a clean bill of health from the vets, so she would be allowed to make the journey to England.

"All that is needed for dog travel now is the rabies jab and then they can travel 21 days later, no quarantine is needed anymore," explained Amanda.

The process wasn't cheap and the family were forced to change their holiday plans to cover the cost.

They ditched planned excursions and ate in McDonald's instead of dining out in tavernas to cover the £1,000 needed to pay for a flight and jabs for Lady.

"Lady became such a big part of our holiday with quite a lot of time being taken to sort her coming back with us, but it is all worth it. We wouldn't be without her," Amanda added.

"We fell in love with her there and Mia just adores her. She is such a lovely dog, she is friendly and happy and cuddly. She is perfect."

Lady is now settling into her new home, where she sleeps at the foot of Mia's bed - just like she did in Cyprus.