23/08/2014 15:41 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Benedict Cumberbatch Does The Ice Bucket Challenge In Epic Style

If you weren't already sure that Benedict Cumberbatch is a great sport then you need to watch his ice bucket challenge. And even if you are, you need to watch it anyway, because it's probably the best celeb attempt yet.


The 'Sherlock' star was nominated by three fellow celebs - Juno Temple, Tom Hiddleston and Adelaide Clemens (who nominated him a whole three times) and while he acknowledges he's doing it a day after the 24-hour deadline, he more than makes up for it.

Benedict introduces the video, reminding viewers he's completing the challenge "In order to raise awareness for ALS, a form of motor neurone disease which has a devastating effect on people's lives, so please text and donate generously." Before he instructs someone to "Bring the bucket..."

He's then doused in icy water, while sitting cross-legged in his back garden, gasping as it's emptied over his head. But it's not over yet, as to make up the FIVE times the actor has been nominated, he gets chased to the shower and soaked, and again in back in the garden, again while he's walking down the street and then successfully douses himself once he thinks he's finally got away, and is ready to drive off on his motorbike, dumping his ice-filled helmet over his head. And just to make each soaking extra bitter-sweet, they've been put in lovely slow-mo.

Watch for yourself, below...

Benedict has nominated Harvey Weinstein, Kylie Minogue and Lewis Hamilton. We hope you're listening guys.

To find out more about the ALS challenge and how to donate to the Motor Neurone Disease Association, head to its website here.

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