Intern Wars: Tech Hires Compare Their Amazing Free Swag From Microsoft, Google And, Er, Apple

The Free Stuff Interns Get At Tech Companies Is Actually Insane

We already knew that interns at the world's biggest tech companies have to endure a horrific interview process, crazy hours, passive-aggressive bosses and the presence of other nerds -- all in return for an amazing CV, great pay and possibly a lucrative job offer.

Now we know they also get top-drawer free stuff too.

Over the weekend an "intern war" on the image hosting site Imgur (and Reddit) saw work experience grads at various tech giants compare their incredible stashes of free stuff, received following their internships at companies like Google and Microsoft.

Unfortunately, not all of them were quite as lavish, as you'll see towards the end of this round up.

Still, we're sure the chance to use highly marketable skills in a booming tech jobs market to earn millions might soften the blow of not getting a free iPad.

Take a look at the best of the intern wars:

Microsoft: amazing haul here - including a free Xbox One... and a Zune!

Google: Not bad, not bad - lots of free notepads anyway.

EA: Okay, getting a bit less impressive now.

Disney: Back to the good stuff (as long as you like soft toys)

Yahoo: Ah, not so great.

NASA: To be fair, we'd hope they'd spend their budget on rockets instead.

Apple: Very droll. Also, no windows.


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