'Love Your Lines' Instagram Account Celebrates Stretch Marks In The Most Beautiful Way

We live in a society force fed images of the 'perfect woman' on a daily basis, but thankfully there's a new Instagram account showing that beauty comes in many forms.

Set up by two anonymous American mums, the account 'LoveYourLines' empowers women by showing that stretch marks are something to be celebrated.

The account has gained more than 32,000 followers since it was set up just two weeks ago.

Women around the world can submit images for the campaign using the hashtag #LoveYourLines.

Stretch marks can form for a number of reasons, sometimes caused by rapid growth, weight changes or hormonal changes.

The creators of LoveYourLines intend to celebrate all women's bodies, regardless of age, weight or if they've had children.

Speaking to HuffPost Women, one of the account creators, 25, said: "Even though we are mums, we both had 'stretchies' before having kids and we are aware that women get them for different reasons at different times.

"Both of us are thrilled to have had such an amazing response."

The second LoveYourLines creator, a 31-year-old wedding and lifestyle photographer, added: "I found it interesting that all types of women have stretch marks because I've had them on my thighs since I was a teenager.

"So even though I'm a mum (which gave me a few more) I've been coming to terms with my marks for a long time now. I'm also very thin so looking at me with clothes on, you'd think I had no body issues."

The account has clearly made a huge impact on a lot of women.

Writing on her Instagram submission, one user says: "I have had stretch marks since I was 13 years old. I'll be honest, I don't like them. I never wear bikinis... but I find these women so beautiful... Thank you for this Instagram account."

Another Instagram user writes writes: "Before pregnancy I was very fit and obsessed with trying to have the "perfect" stomach. I've come to realize that perfection can't be measured in the superficial image. Perfection is just the fact that my body can do such amazing things. These marks are just a reminder of what I am capable of."

Jennie Runk

Body Image Heroes