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Marina Fogle: This Will Be Our Last Baby

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Marina and Ben sadly lost their third baby 32 weeks into Marina's pregnancy. This interview was conducted and published when Marina was 18 weeks pregnant.

Marina Fogle is tired.

Marina, wife of TV explorer Ben is 18 weeks pregnant with their third child, a sibling for son Ludo, four, and daughter Iona, two. "I've been feeling really exhausted with this pregnancy," she tells us. "I'm not sure if it's because I'm older or just got two children to run around after, but I've certainly been feeling it."

Despite the exhaustion, Marina is thrilled to be expecting baby number three, who is due in October. Her pregnancy is progressing well, but there were worries early on. "This one has been more difficult. I had a few scares early on with some bleeding and I thought, 'This isn't going to work.' (Marina had a miscarriage before giving birth to Ludo). But all seems to be OK.

"My 20 week scan is coming up, but we're not going to find out the sex - we're going for a surprise like Ludo and Iona. With both of those pregnancies I had a strong feeling about their genders, but I really don't know about this baby."


"No, definitely not!"

Ludo and Iona are just old enough to realise there's going to be a new arrival in the Fogle residence – and thrilled is an understatement.

"They are so excited about a baby!" says Marina. "Ludo couldn't believe his ears when we told him. He was a bit young to understand when I was expecting Iona but he gets it this time around.

"We didn't want to share the news with them until the 12 week scan, but when we did it was so special. Ludo naturally gravitates towards babies – human and animal - so he is beside himself at the thought of a baby.

"This is definitely the last one for us.


I said to Ben just last night, 'That's it!' I think he'd be keen for more, but he also wants a puppy so I have that to negotiate with. We're both one of three, so it fits – we're done!


It's no surprise Marina's putting her foot down. She clearly lives for her children - describing motherhood as 'glorious' - but Ben is a man on the go, regularly jetting off to film and take part in expeditions around the world (rowing the Atlantic, anyone?).

It must be tough when he's away, but Marina is keen to stress how great a dad and husband Ben is - and you could tell it's 100 his number one. He's amazing when he's home as he doesn't want to miss out.

"I do worry about him, of course. But I trust him to make the right decisions for himself and our family."

I'm talking to Marian while she's on the move - of course. It's just after 9am and Ludo and Iona have been dropped off at nursery. She's supporting a new Surviving Breakfast campaign from Nestle, which aims to get us all through those manic mornings and out the other side in one piece.

"Hectic is a word that sums up mornings in our household," she says with a laugh. "I think most parents would say the same. I try and get up early and get dressed and sorted before the kids are up. We eat together and then normally scoot to nursery and I go off to work.

"I sometimes feel like I've run a marathon by this point!"

Sounds like she could take Ben on at survival instincts.

"You have to think outside the box to get everyone done. I distract Ludo and Iona while they eat or get ready with stories to keep everything moving. It's important to think what do you want and need to happen and focus on getting to get to that point. It's tricky not to get short and ratty with them - then they know they are breaking you down!"

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She might start each day with a 'marathon', but after the nursery run Marina's day is just beginning - she then heads to Bump Class HQ, a service she set up in 2013 to help prepare women for pregnancy and parenthood.

"When I was pregnant with Ludo I had no idea what to expect or what was happening," says Marina. "That's why I love talking to women to help prepare them and discuss everything realistically. We don't paint a massively rosy picture - we're honest which I think is important.

"When I was pregnant everyone said to me how amazing motherhood is - of course it is but there are hugely challenging parts.


When a new mum starts feeling lonely or bored with their new baby at home, they automatically feel guilty, and they shouldn't - it doesn't mean you're a bad mum.


"I think it's a real shame pregnancy and parenting has become so political. I had a C-section with Ludo due to complications, and got comments like 'aren't you disappointed you didn't have a natural birth?'"

Disappointed when you have a beautiful baby!?

"Exactly. It's madness. The important thing is preparation so women don't feel like this. You might want and plan for a water birth - great. But don't worry if it doesn't happen.

"Motherhood is tough enough without all that pressure. Things happen for a reason. If something needs to be done, it needs to be. Not one obstetrician I've met wants to intervene – they'd all be much happier sitting having a cup of tea while everything goes to plan. But life isn't like that.

"Being a parent is surprising and glorious. It's not always a bed of roses, but if it was, it wouldn't be half as good!"

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