27/08/2014 11:22 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dad Films Selfie Obsessed Daughter In Hilarious Viral Video

YouTube/Rumble Viral

A dad caught his teenage daughter in the midst of an epic selfie taking session, and decided to record the moment 'for posterity'.

Rod Beckham was performing a duty familiar to all dads of teenagers - chauffeuring his daughter around in the family car - when a movement in the rear view mirror caught his eye.

He glanced up and noticed his daughter flipping her hair and gurning at her phone.

Managing to stifle his laughter, Rod decided to fulfill another of his fatherly duties - embarrassing his child - by surreptitiously recording her antics on his own phone.

The girl is completely unfazed by her dad's presence - prompting speculation over whether the 'impromptu' selfie shoot was staged, or just that she didn't suspect her dad was capable of such covert espionage.

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Since being uploaded to YouTube on August 23, the video has so far been viewed more than a million times and has elicited many comments.

"'Stop humiliating yourself online... that's my job" - Every parent today," wrote one commenter.

"There's a reason mirrors are better for some things: there's no proof afterwards," quipped another.

From the array of faces the girl pulls, it's clear she doesn't take herself too seriously, so we're sure she'll enjoy her dad's prank (once she's stopped blushing). She may even have been planning to share a selection of her shots on social media herself, but her dad beat her too it. Cringe!

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