Amazing Food Photos Aren't Actually Made Of Anything Edible (They Still Look Yummy)

Australian artist TQ Lee's photo series 'Inedible' is like the Greek torture of King Phineus who was presented daily with a gorgeous banquet but was unable to touch a single morsel.

However, instead of harpies preventing us from digging in, the main obstacle here are the ingredients, which include turpentine, shaving cream and LEGO blocks.

Lee was so affected by his photos series that he actually lost 5kg in the process of putting this project together.

Talking to HuffPost UK Lifestyle, he said: "The shoot took eight weeks to produce in total and was shot over six consecutive weekends."

Lee has a full-time job and tried to fit it in during the day. "I shot during only during the day, using natural light as I felt compelled to include something natural in the photos."

As for why he chose this particular style of project, he adds: "The Inedible series is both a fun visual pun and a comment on the artificial nature of convenience food.

"At its base, food is fuel, but through life-streaming applications such as Instagram, there appears to be a growing fetishism surrounding food. I chose the square frame for the series as an inference to the popular app.

Talking about how it personally affected his attitude to food, he says: "My attitude to food hasn't changed on the whole (I really enjoy cooking and shooting food), during the shoot I found I ate less frequently and was actually more inclined to eat fresh salads and vegetables."

Take a look at the photos:

The Inedible Project: Food You Can't Sadly Eat