'Hyperlapse' By Instagram Turns Any Video Into A Steadicam Marvel

Instagram has released its first app that isn't, well, Instagram.

Called Hyperlapse it's available for iPhone only and lets you shoot ultra-smooth time-lapse video.

Typically image stabilisation uses enormous computing power to analyse each frame, find common elements and then match them up, showing how far the camera has moved each frame.

This process is effective but processor intensive, something which a smartphone can ill-afford. The engineers behind Hyperlapse realised that instead of measuring the image itself, they could use the phone's built-in gyroscope to measure the physical movements of the phone.

The result is a similar effect that takes far less processing power to make.

Several months later... and here we are. It's a devilishly simple idea with an equally as simple interface; you simply press record and that's it, a small timer shows your how much time you'll get at speed.

Once you're done you can adjust the speed from 1x-12x and then tap the green tick. From there you can edit or share straight to Instagram.

Here are a few quick examples we found browsing through: