28/08/2014 11:11 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Action Movie Kid: Dad Turns Son's Adventures Into Film Clip (Video)


A doting dad has turned his son's adventures into an action movie mash-up – for the second time.

Super cool dad Daniel Hashimoto first made headlines in March when he made a video clip of his son's daily activities into an action movie.

Daniel and his three-year-old son are now back with a sequel – with equally impressive results (of course it helps that Daniel works for Dreamworks but we'll let that one slide...).

Writing on his YouTube channel, Daniel says: "My 3-year-old kid is awesome. He gets into some epic situations which remind me that life is an adventure."

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In this new instalment, Daniel puts fancy special effects on the background of his son's daily life – potting around the garden, shopping for new toys swimming...basically essential daily activities for your average toddler.

Take a look – and watch for the seriously impressive car up the stairs scene half way through...

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