'Counter-Strike' Live Stream Gets Interrupted By Real-Life SWAT Raid

A gamer got the shock of his life while playing the popular online game Counter-Strike when a fully-armed SWAT team raided his building.

The entire incident was caught on camera as the SWAT team had raided a building that was being used by a gaming group called The Creatures who make YouTube videos and live stream games via Twitch.

Known as 'Kootra', the gamer quickly realises that his building is being raided as he hears the SWAT team clearing the other rooms.

He's then pushed to the ground and handcuffed before being questioned about the incident.

It's believed that someone had called the Littleton Colorado police falsely claiming to be a gunman who had already shot two people.

This is the latest example of a trend within the gaming community known as 'Swatting'. It involves calling the victim's local police department and then in some way giving the police a reason to raid the person's home.

While no one was hurt there are increasing fears that the trend is spiraling out of control - wasting valuable police time while putting people at risk.