This Couple Officially Killed The Romance In Their Wedding By Asking People To Sponsor It

The Day Romance Died

As we find ourselves in the midst of wedding season, it can be hard to muster the same level of enthusiasm for the couple's happy day after the third or fourth occasion.

Indeed, as you find yourself paying out for hens, stags and wedding presents, you may be wondering if their happy day really has to come at the expense of you being able to eat or buy shoes.

But if you are harbouring such traitorous thoughts, you may want to hug your friends and say all is forgiven, because they could have asked you to sponsor the whole damn day.

Yes, you heard us.

One couple, Courtney McKenzie and Jamil Newell, don't want a humble ceremony to match their lack of funds. These two want it all - a $30,000 wedding in Thailand with scuba diving, elephant trekking, and bamboo river rafting - and they don't care who sponsors it so they can get it.

So that they can get their big day, they are offering corporate sponsors the chance to slap their logo all over their wedding.

The Independent writes: "Options for potential sponsors range from diamond level (price undisclosed), to kiss level ($5,000), heart level ($1,000) and bliss level ($500).

"Companies can choose to get their logo on the bride’s dress, or on the ‘just married’ elephant they will presumably ride off into the sunset on after the wedding ceremony. There’s even a corporate social responsibility element rolled in: an unspecified percentage of the funds raised will go to charity."

Miss McKenzie, who is a former beauty queen and founder and CEO of Crown Public Relations told "He has a big family and I have an even bigger family. We sat down to make the guest list and it was 250 people. But then we thought, "What's true to us?" and we decided we just wanted it to be a lot of fun."

According to the couple, they've been contacted by several Fortune 500 companies and are trying to pick the best one. Who says romance is dead?