29/08/2014 17:05 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Angelina Jolie's Wedding Dress Was 'Very Traditional'

Aside from the wedding venue, everything about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's secret South of France nuptials have been kept quiet.

The one thing we're desperate to know about? The all-important wedding dress.


Was it floor-length and ivory, like the one Angelina wore to film a scene in Mr & Mrs Smith pictured above? Turns out, it might have been both of those things.

According to E! News! Angelina's dress was "very traditional." An insider described it as "very Angie, it was comfortable but plain white floor-length antique lace and silk."

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Angelina was also said to have worn a locket belonging to her late mother Marcheline Bertrand with a photo of her inside. And yes, she also wore a veil (Brad was said to have "gasped because she looked so stunning," when he lifted it at the altar. *Heart melts.*)

As for the guests, E!'s source revealed the couple's children were dressed up for the occasion.

"The boys all wore tiny matching cream linen suits which were just like Brad's while the girls had each chosen a dress to match their own individual style and they had them specially made." Cute!

It's thought the wedding rings were made by the couple's good friend Robert Procop, but we suspect Angelina played her own role in the design. She collaborated with the jewellery expert on a charitable collection of statement gemstones in 2013.

Pictures of the wedding dress have not been released, but if she looked anywhere near as good as she does on the red carpet, Angelina must have been one beautiful bride...