29/08/2014 08:35 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Women Who Date Less Attractive Men Have Happier Relationships, Says Study

Have you ever found the most attractive men are also the worst to date? According to science, the reason why lies in his genes.

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The New York Daily News reports a study of 82 newlywed couples published in the Journal of Family Psychology revealed women who marry men less attractive than themselves have happier marriages than those who don't.

And it's all down to evolution.

Men have built-in concerns about passing on good quality genes and therefore look for an attractive mate. Women, on the other hand, are less concerned with looks and more concerned with stability.

The study explains having a more attractive wife makes men more attentive and motivated to make their marriage work, whereas men who are more attractive than their wives tend to take them for granted.
"Both spouses tended to behave more positively when wives were more attractive than their husbands and more negatively when husbands were more attractive than their wives," said the study by UCLA's Benjamin Karney.

Karney's study also discovered less attractive men are inherently more confident and outgoing (and therefore more fun.)

"When women who are really beautiful go out with men who aren't so hot, the men try harder so it makes for a better marriage," psychologist Cooper Lawrence told the website.

"The women know that whatever goes wrong in the marriage, the husband is going to do whatever is necessary to keep it together."

The question is - what happens when both of you are super hot? Newlyweds Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt might have the answer...