30/08/2014 18:27 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Back To School: Only 13% Of Dads Take Children To School


Only 13 of dads saying they cannot balance work commitments with taking their children to school.

In our study of 2,000 parents and 1,000 children aged from five to 17, we asked mums, dads and their children about the school day. Only 13 of mums who said they would be doing the morning run.

Grandparents and other family members (9) will also be taking children to school.

There's little change at the end of the school day: just 12 of dads said it had been two days since they last had an evening meal together and nearly half said they had last eaten with their family three days or more before.

Bedtime reading also falls to mums, with 58 of dads.

Despite the differences in these stats for mums and dads, the majority of children (60 of dads taking their children to school does appear shockingly small in 2014, but our research also shows how important their children are in dads' lives.

"We are all constantly trying to find the balance between work and bringing up our children in a way that works for our individual families.

"Here at Parentdish we are not mum-centric and we celebrate how important fathers are in our children's lives. Every day we have new articles written by dads that will ring true for all parents."

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