'Celebrity Big Brother' Waves Farewell To Leslie Jordan, Second Evictee After David Macintosh

Leslie Jordan has become the second evictee from this season of 'Celebrity Big Brother' after he followed David Macintosh out of the house on Friday evening.

The 81-year-old American TV star told Emma Willis afterwards that he “was surprised” that Audley Harrison had nominated him, joking about their height difference, “Do you even know I’m down here?!”

Leslie Jordan is the second resident to leave the House this week

He went on to say that he was “called out for eating too much” and admitted that it “never crossed my mind that I couldn’t eat what I want".

When asked about his experience in the House, Leslie admitted that he had been naive, that he had been advised to watch the show before going in. “I thought I was going to come in and it was going to be an endless cocktail party,” he said, before saying it was more like a "boot camp".

Leslie said he had thought it was going to be one big dinner party, not boot camp

After being shown footage of him losing his temper in the House, a visibly shocked Leslie said, “That’s so hard, I could weep…that’s not me…That’s a sad little man to me.” Emma suggested that it was an adjustment period and he admitted that his life is very different on the outside world, with lots of red carpet events and slapping on the back, “I couldn’t even go into the Pod without someone irritating me,” he added.

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As for Gary Busey, who has stirred up most emotion in the House this season, Leslie told Emma, "I adore Gary now," but admitted, " He’s very difficult…but another A for effort” He added that “We had real problems with his hygiene” and suggested that he must be used to someone telling him when to clean.

As for his rollercoaster relationship with Frenchy, Leslie admitted, “There were a lot of rituals” with her. He remembered the time Frenchy “stomped all our food” and joked, “Little fatty likes his food!”

He then said that he said “horrible things” to Frenchy but “gave her an A for effort” for trying to be nicer.

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