'Great British Bake Off's Diana Beard's Daughter Furious That Diana 'Exploited By BBC For Ratings'

Looks like the 'Great British Bake Off' #bingate hot potato is showing no signs of melting, with Diana Beard's daughter venting that her mother was "exploited by the BBC".

Viewers watched on Wednesday evening as Diana was filmed removing rival contestant Iain Watters' Baked Alaska dessert from the freezer before it had set - and then oohed and ahhed as a furious Iain threw his offering in the bin, and was thus eliminated from the show by judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry.

Diana's daughter has spoken out to defend her mother after the 'Great British Bake Off' furore

Now, Diana's furious daughter Sarah has spoken out, complaining that her mother had been "done up like a Christmas turkey" by the show's producers, complaining that they edited the show, to omit the fact that Diana returned Iain's ice cream to the freezer only 40 seconds later.

She tells the Mirror, "She has been sacrificed on the altar of ratings. To exploit an old lady is shameful.”

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