Baby Gives Perfect Thumbs Up In Scan Photo

Meet 'Foetus Fonzie' - the very cool, calm and collected unborn baby who was photographed giving his or her parents the thumbs up in a scan photo.

The photo of the unborn baby reassuring mum and dad that all was well was shared on Reddit by the baby's proud parents-to-be.

The image was uploaded with the happy line: "Recent ultrasound result looks good."

The Reddit user behind the photo, Meancloth, who is said to be one of the baby's parents, also revealed the thumbs up baby is a twin, posting: "There are twins in there!"

It's not known how many weeks' the twins are, or where in the world the scan comes from, but he or she is proving a huge hit online – and has been nicknamed the Foetus Fonzie after cool-as-a-cucumber The Fonz from Happy Days.

Meancloth – whose identity has not been revealed - told BuzzFeed that the twins are due in January, but they didn't reveal either gender.

Just love this, but not quite as impressive as the unborn baby who looked like Margaret Thatcher...