Dad's Teen-Shaming 'Instructional Video' On How To Change A Loo Roll Goes Viral (VIDEO)

A dad's attempt to use social media to shame his kids into changing the loo roll has been an enormous success -- after the video went instantly viral.

Will Reid posted the video titled "Teenage Instructional Video - How to change a toilet roll" out of frustration when his kids constantly failed to do the honours when they reached the end of the two-ply line.

The video was a hilariously straightforward account of how to replace the cardboard tube with another. That's it.

"The advanced level would be to put the empty toilet roll holder in the bin," he says in the clip.

"But I feel that might be a step too far at the moment."

But when his story was found online the video became an instant sensation, and in two days has received almost 200,000 views.

Reid has Reddit to thank for his newfound fame - a link posted on the site is behind his sudden rise in views.