01/09/2014 12:28 BST | Updated 01/09/2014 12:59 BST

‘X Factor' 2014: ‘TOWIE' Star Jasmin Walia Auditions, Cries, Then Gets A Hug From Mel B (VIDEO)

Getting four nos from the ‘X Factor’ judges is no fun, especially when you're already known for being on ‘TOWIE’ and have just introduced yourself to Simon Cowell and co as “a reality TV star”.

Sadly, that's exactly what happened to Jasmin Walia.

Despite confidently strutting into her audition, Jasmin failed to impress the panel and was left in tears after being told she simply wasn’t good enough.

Jasmin Walia

Things got off to an awkward start when Jas announced she was a ‘TOWIE’ star, only to be met by slightly bemused faces as it became apparent that the judges have never seen the ITV2 show.

Jasmin then shakily started singing Clean Bandit’s ‘Rather Be’, before being instructed to try something different by Simon.

Sadly though, her second track didn’t impress either and when Simon starts a sentence with “look - can I be honest with you?”, you know you’re in trouble.

Thankfully, after four nos and a few tears, Mel B steps up and answers our prayers, giving Jasmin a big, old hug and telling her she can always get singing lessons.

Watch Jasmin’s audition above...