03/09/2014 16:59 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dizziness And Fainting During Pregnancy

Dizziness and fainting during pregnancy

Dizziness is pretty common during pregnancy, and it can occur for a number of reasons. That said, it should never just be ignored...

What is it?

If you have managed to get through life so far without ever feeling dizzy while standing still, it will come as a shock when it happens. Suddenly the room starts spinning, and all you can think about is how to stop yourself from falling over. It's not nice – but it happens to many pregnant women, at various stages, and it's usually no cause for concern. Early on in your pregnancy, you might have lower blood pressure, which comes as a result of the pregnancy hormones relaxing your blood vessels. Your cardiovascular system is gearing up to cope with a huge increase in blood (up to 50VIRTUAL-Gallery-195078%