Coffee And Your Brain: Is It Really Bad For You?

How Does Coffee Affect Your Brain?

There are many of us who would just not be presentable to the human race without a cup of coffee. But with us being so reliant on the black stuff, and with so many conflicting views about whether or not caffeine is good for you, we just want to know the truth.

As caffeine-fans (tea and coffee are our mid-morning heroes), we were pleasantly surprised by the findings of this video by AsapSCIENCE.

Simplifying the processes that occur when you drink coffee, the video shows how caffeine affects a chemical in your brain called Adenosine.

Admittedly, the video does highlight the way in which caffeine becomes addictive, as it increases the production of Adenosine in your brain and therefore you have to drink more of the stuff to make yourself feel awake - we'd call that a negative. However it also teaches us that coffee won't (and physically can't) kill us. *Fist pumps!*

Grab yourself a cuppa, watch the video and revel in the fact that what you're drinking is not so bad after all.