03/09/2014 10:02 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Is This The Most Beautiful Woman In The World?

Marius Vibe, a self-proclaimed screenwriter, animator and illustrator has created an image using Maxim magazine's 2011 "Voted World's Most Beautiful Girls" list to present the ultimate vision of beauty. According to men.

Scroll down for final image.

Marius Vibe

Using the faces of the eight most attractive women on the list - including supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, actresses Cameron Diaz and Mila Kunis, and singer Katy Perry - Vibe came up with the following using what he calls the "cup system".

"I started thinking about faces. And beauty. And combinations of faces" says Vibe.

"I wondered what would happen if one were to mix faces and create new ones several times, within the framework of beauty - what would happen?"

So, how does this artist-blogger do it? "I use the easy-to-handle freeware Squirlz Morph to combine the two different faces, and then I polish the results with photo editing software" Vibe says in his post.

And here's the final look (after morphing said eight women into four and then two to get "Olivia Whiteley")...

Marius Vibe

As for his findings? "I haven't created a hybrid that I found more attractive than (most of) the originals, but I still think the faces look "beautiful" in an objective manner."

What guys do in their spare time, eh?

What do you think, is this the world's most attractive woman? Does she look familiar?

And, actually, is this kind of image-morphing/photoshopping necessary when it comes to defining beauty? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @MyDailyUK


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