Panasonic Unveils New 4K TVs, The Return Of 'Technic' Audio... And One Hell Of A Mirror

Welcome To The Age Of The Smart Mirror

Panasonic want to sell you a mirror. And if it lives up to its promise, you might want to buy it.

The unusual product - the latest in the Japanese tech giant's range of 'smart' and connected home appliances - was announced at its IFA press conference in Berlin alongside a range of new 4K TVs, camcorders and high resolution audio speakers.

Among the main headline news was the return of Panasonic's iconic Technic brand, long associated with innovation at the top end of home and professional audio.

Panasonic also announced a new flagship AX900 4K TV, which is designed to match the performance of the best plasma panels but on an LED 4K TV.

But it was the quirkier announcements that might most strike a chord with anyone looking for what's next in technology.

The smart mirror - announced as a concept product but on show at Panasonic's IFA booth - is able to merge live video analysis with intelligent analytics to take your image and offer advice -- if you can bear to take it.

Through an embedded camera and display, the mirror is said to be able to look at the detail of your skin, and suggest dietary changes and even make up techniques to improve your look, and your health.

The mirror is able to project live simulated lighting conditions too -- to show you what you might look like in a dark club, or under neon lights at the office.

Above: our editor using the smart mirror, like a pro

It can also connect to your mobile devices and home 'internet of things' network - perhaps suggesting recipes to improve your skin based on ingredients in your fridge, or cooling the temperature of your home if you look hot.

But it wasn't only mirrors at Panasonic's show - there was also a big range of entertainment and lifestyle products.

Among the key announcements were:

  • A new range of premium designed products for the home, including a new 'Auto Stirrer' for pots on the hob, and something called a '3D grillers' which can cook a steak from all angles at once
  • HC-X1000 4K camcorder, able to record at ultra-high resolutions at 60FPS on two SD cards.
  • AX900 4K TV - the new flagship Panasonic TV set is designed with minimalism in mind, with a design more reminiscent of a leaning mirror than a traditional TV. With its improved LED backlight and local dimming the set is said to be able to adapt itself to the conditions of your home
  • The AX900 and AX800 will also be compatible with 4K video from streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video - as long as you have the bandwidth to cope with it
  • Technics brand has returned with the new R1 series 'reference class' speakers
  • The Stereo Power Amplifier SE-R1, Network Audio Control Player SU-R and Speaker System SB-R1
  • Technics C700 Premium Class amp, network audio player, CD player and speakers, which "take inspiration" from the R1s, and bring them into the consumer home. The speakers will be out by the end of 2014.

We'll have a closer look at all of Panasonic's products coming up later in the week.

Michikazu Matsushita, Deputy Managing Director, Panasonic Consumer Marketing Europe said:

"At Panasonic we strive to continually deliver the most advanced range of consumer electronics products to the market. Our 4K-enabled devices are no different. This incredible technology enables users to experience video, photo and home entertainment in extraordinary detail."


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