04/09/2014 09:51 BST | Updated 04/09/2014 09:59 BST

Kelly Brook Bombarded With Sympathy Tweets After Boxer Kell Brook Is Stabbed In The Leg On Holiday In Tenerife

Kelly Brook might be a little confused when she logs onto Twitter later today when she discovers a lot of people seem to think she's been stabbed in the leg.

Confused? Allow us to explain.

kell brook

Kelly Brook and Kell Brook, not exactly two peas in a pod

What's actually happened is the similarly-named but ultimately different in almost every other way, world champion boxer Kell Brook has been stabbed in the leg while on holiday in Tenerife, but unfortunately for him a lot of the well wishes that should have been sent his way have been a bit misguided.

You see, the good people of Twitter appear to have got the wrong end of the stick and rather than sympathising with poor old Kell - who is said to be “doing fine” after the attack, by the way - they’re instead sending a lot of nice messages to Kelly instead.

As you can see, despite their almost identical names, the two are pretty difficult to mix up, but this lot still managed it…

Oh. Dear.

And here’s our personal favourite...

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