04/09/2014 08:23 BST | Updated 04/09/2014 08:59 BST

Panasonic IFA 2014: The Unexpected Beauty Of Cookers, Hair Driers And 4K TVs

The word 'electronics' implies so much that is dull, ugly and brutal about the modern world.

But if you look at it in the right way, it can be far more than that.

We recently took a trip around Panasonic's stand at the IFA tech conference in Berlin, to check out their new line-up of hair driers, shavers, cookers and cameras (we know, we know...). But what we found was something unexpectedly beautiful - pristine, shiny tech, looking the best it ever will, just set up for the cameras.

So here is our alternative look at Panasonic's unfathomably wide range of products (they also make the batteries in the Tesla S, dontcha know...) along with snippets of our interview with UK MD and HuffPost blogger Andrew Denham.

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