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Why Everyone Is Talking About... Saint Lucia

View of volcanic peaks called 'The Pitons' in St Lucia
St Lucia
View of volcanic peaks called 'The Pitons' in St Lucia

Saint Lucia is an island that exudes relaxation and luxury. Whether you're looking for an eco retreat in a chocolate plantation (yes, you can do this!), or feel just about ready to slide into an infinity pool set in a tropical paradise, there's the perfect resort for you.

It's not hard to understand why the island is such a favourite with couples.

From chilled-out restaurants under twinkling stars, to prime snorkelling spots just off the beach, it doesn't take long to be seduced by Saint Lucia's easy-going charms.

Beady-eyed visitors might recognise the island from Channel 5’s reality TV series The Bachelor UK, when rugby international Gavin Henson looked for the girl of his dreams in this suitably romantic setting.

And if you're planning take your relationship to the next level, there's no shortage of places to propose on this lush island.

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The two volcanic peaks known as the Pitons, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are among the most striking natural sights in the Caribbean.

Towering almost 3,000 feet out of the ocean, they can be seen from many points on Saint Lucia. Whether adventurous couples choose to hike the Pitons or merely gaze at their magnificence together, the iconic Pitons create the perfect backdrop for a memorable proposal.

Or you could try the Tet Paul Nature Trail. The 30-45 minute walk, known as the “Stairway to Heaven,” which leads to a look-out point, has breathtaking views that are definitely lifelong-commitment worthy. Or perhaps try your luck during the Rainforest Nature Trail, where you'll be surrounded by massive trees wrapped in vines, giant aerial roots, towering ferns, vibrant flora and fauna, sparkling waterfalls and a symphony of bird song.

But perhaps it's better just to play it safe, and head to one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the Caribbean. With its white sands, clear blue waters, swaying palm trees, and luxury yachts, Marigot Bay is the definition of a tropical paradise for romantics.


When you've popped the question, then it's time to let you in on a little secret.

The soft trade winds that flow across the island of Saint Lucia aren't just cooling, they are the key to ultimate romance.

The direction of the winds doesn't change, so there's no need for some bedrooms to have a fourth wall. Ideal for those who want to feel close to the stunning beauty of the island, without having to leave their hotel room!

Once you've finished snuggling, then it's time to hit the island's largest street party.

The Gros Islet Jump-Up is a Friday-night ritual for locals and visitors alike. Huge speakers are set up on the main street of this little fishing village blasting Caribbean music all night long.

But make sure you take a break from dancing to the live bands to buy barbecued fish or chicken, rotis, beer, and soda from villagers who set up grills right along the roadside!

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