05/09/2014 04:50 BST | Updated 05/09/2014 04:59 BST

'Celebrity Big Brother': Were Gary Busey's Hygiene Problems The Cause Of Claire King's Mystery Illness?

Following the news that ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ contestant Claire King will not be well enough to return to the house, her former housemates are worried she may have contracted an illness due to Gary Busey’s poor hygiene.

Claire left the ‘CBB’ house to receive medical attention for an undisclosed illness on Sunday, and while it was initially thought she would be able to rejoin her housemates if she was well enough, it was later confirmed she would not be coming back.

Gary Busey

“Gary caused fury when he walked to the dining table from the loo without washing. Stephanie castigated him - but he didn’t seem to see the problem.”

During Thursday night’s highlights show, ‘Benefits Street’ star White Dee was heard telling Gary that the other group were afraid to even let him touch food because of his poor hygiene, while self-confessed germaphobe Stephanie Pratt has come to blows with the ‘Point Break’ actor on a number of occasions due to his lack of cleanliness.

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