05/09/2014 12:31 BST | Updated 05/09/2014 12:59 BST

6 Myths About Suicide, Busted (Infographics)

One person dies every 40 seconds somewhere in the world as a result of suicide, a recent report has shown.

Suicide is "major public health problem” according to the report from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

One of the best ways of preventing it is to know the facts, to reduce stigma around suicidal behaviour and mental illness and drug abuse, which are often linked to someone taking their own life.

Suicide is far more common in men than in women, and in countries with lower incomes.

As part of its landmark report which found that an estimated 804,000 suicides occurred around the world in 2012, the WHO put together six myths about suicide, and the truths relating to them.

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