05/09/2014 07:03 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Technology And Parents: Does Tech Help Or Hinder Parents?

Side view of baby boy in high chair drinking and mum facing him smiling taking a picture

Tech helps us stay informed and entertained, but parents still worry about being too reliant on our smart phones, tablets and TVs. surveyed 2,000 parents and 1,000 children aged from five to 17, to take a sounding on our love-hate relationship with technology.

Here are a snapshot of the results:

Mums and dads think technology makes being a parent easier (59 of dads), with answers to all our questions there at the click of a button. Eighty three per cent of mums and over three quarters of dads (77 of us felt tech helped families stay better connected.


But we also feel uneasy about the constant presence of technology in our lives: 66 of dads felt parents were too dependent on technology.


According to the children surveyed, dads are top in technology - 73) thought their parents spent too much time online and 30), a tablet came third (12).

Tamsin Kelly, editor of, says: "Our research show how much technology is part of our lives as parents, whether we're looking for reassurance, advice or simply to admire our friends' new baby photos on Facebook.

"Reassuring though it undoubtedly is to find help at the push of a few buttons, we need to be careful about the messages we send our children – and the potential for hypocrisy charges. If we're setting time limits on screens or urging our children to get outside and get some fresh air, we need to set an example too.

"In our research over a third of children thought their parents spent too much time online. We need to make time to turn off the screens and connect as a family in real life, not simply through technology."

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