07/09/2014 18:35 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Men Watching Childbirth For The First Time (Video)


For a lot of men, the only close-up experience of childbirth they are likely to have is the birth of their own baby. The rest - those who avoid One Born Every Minute like the plague, that is - tend to have only a vague idea of what actually goes on in a delivery room.

So Buzzfeed decided to round up a few guys who had never witnessed a real birth and sit them down in front of a video showing labour in all its graphic detail.

While some were able to appreciate the miracle of life, others found getting a view of the reality of childbirth wasn't so much nudging them out of their comfort zone as dragging them away kicking and screaming.

At first, the group are tentative but calm - however, composure is quickly replaced by a chorus of "Oh my gods!" as the footage gets very up-close and personal.

"It just shoots right out of there!" one guy exclaims in astonishment. "Why is it all red?"

"I feel like I'm watching Alien!" another cries, while his friend can only yell in incoherent horror.

And how do they feel at the end of it all? For some, getting to grips with the miracle of birth was ultimately an enriching experience: "It's the majesty of life... Mostly gross, but also kind of beautiful."

Others are less impressed. "It looks like the zombie baby from Shaun of the Dead," says one.

Our favourite line, however, really sums it all up: "I'm trying to feel scared, frightened and amazed all at once. It's like my brain can't pick an emotion."

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