Google Glass BioGlass Can Tell You How Stressed You Are

Google Glass Can NowTell You How Frazzled You Are

Google Glass can now tell you when you need to take a deep breath and chill the hell out.

Researchers at Georgia Tech and MIT have developed BioGlass, an Android app that uses the wearable tech to determine how frazzled you are.

The software measures your heart and breathing rates by checking for tiny movements picked up by Glass accelerometer and front face movement in order to measure stress levels.

The projects makers say: "What if you could see what calms you down or increases your stress as you go through your day? What if you could see clearly what is causing these changes for your child or another loved one?

"People could become better at accurately interpreting and communicating their feelings, and better at understanding the needs of those they love.

"The study described above explores the possibility of using sensors embedded in Google Glass to robustly measure physiological signals of the wearer."

The app is currently still in a rudimentary stage of development and doesn't do much more than record data - it also requires the user to stand still.

But the potential of the tech is promising - Glass could pipe you some soothing music for example or show you a few yoga poses to calm your mood.


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