09/09/2014 12:25 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Keith Richards' Daughter Theodora Reveals What It's Really Like To Have A Rock Star Dad


Keith Richards' daughter has revealed what it's really like to have a rock star for a parent. Prepare to have all your teenage fantasies ruined.

Theodora Richards' says that while her Rolling Stones father enjoyed breaking all the rules himself, he was something of a disciplinarian with his younger children.

"Dad could be strict with us, and it was often over small things such as 'no singing at the dinner table'" or 'no lipstick till you're 16', the 29-year-old model and illustrator told the Sunday Times.

"When it came to boyfriends, he was usually great, but there were ones who were too scared to talk to him or just too eager. When I was 16, I'll never forget the time he said to one of them, 'Cut it out, or I'll cut it off"."

To this day Keith thinks his actions were justified. Recalling the incident he said: "He was getting too hot and horny on the porch."

Theordora is Keith's daughter with American actress and model Patti Hansen. The couple have another daughter Alexandra, now 28.

Keith already had three children with actress Anita Pallenberg – Marlon, now 45, Angela, 43, and son Tara, who was born in 1976, but died aged 10 weeks.

Theodora feels that hers and Amanda's upbringing was very different from Keith's older children.

"There were moments when I felt we got the life that Marlon and Angela didn't get," she said "They were born in the '60s and '70s; we came along in the '80s when things were calming down for Dad.

"But he still went on the road, and when I was 10 we all went on the Rolling Stones' Voodoo Lounge tour."

Keith also pinpoints having his two younger daughters as the start of a 'more settled' time in his life following his party years.

"Back then, it was kind of on the run,' he said. "Marlon's job was to spot the unmarked police cars outside the door. 'Hey, Dad, they're here!' I was on the road a lot too, so we were always zooming about.

"With Theo and Alexandra, I still had to work around the schedule, but I made a bigger effort. Also Patricia - the old lady - is a natural Mother Earth sort of creature, I just watched it all - including the births. 'Breathe!' 'Push!' 'I love you' and all of that."

Theodora said that as a child she had no idea about her father's drug-taking past until rumours started circulating in her school playground.

"'I was about 11 when I found out about dad's history of drugs and jail,2 she said.

"Jay Leno had made a comment on his TV show about dad buying a drugs test for his kids, and the next day at school this kid asked me about my 'track marks' [scars from injecting drugs].

"I didn't understand what that meant, but I knew it was a reference to dad, so I looked him up in the library. 'I found out he'd been in jail and what heroin was.

"I didn't talk to him about it right away, but after that I became very protective of my family."