Cancer Patients Remake Eric Prydz's Sexy 'Call On Me' Video - And It's Brilliant

This Is What A Confident Cancer Patient Looks Like...

What do you get when you cross a group cancer patient with slinky leotards and neon leg warmers? A remake of Eric Pryds'z sexy 'Call On Me' video, of course.

As part of a a bold new campaign from Aktiv Against Cancer, the cast are changing the way the world sees the disease - one hip thrust at a time.

Why? Because although a cancer diagnosis can greatly impact the way you look - from treatment scars to hairloss - the disease doesn't have to take away your confidence.

“It’s difficult to be confident without your hair, eyebrows and a weird looking chest,” says one of the stars in the behind-the-scenes video.

“It’s been liberating to be in the spotlight. It feels fantastic.”

But the campaign isn't just about building confidence, it's also about inspiring cancer patients to be more active.

According to research, light to moderate exercise can improve cancer patients emotional and physical wellbeing.

"If physical activity was a pill, it would be the most prescribed medicine in the world", says Grete Waitz, co-founder of AKTIV Against Cancer.

Personally, we love it - what do you think?