Apple iPhone 6 Plus Is More Expensive Than A Macbook Air

Apple's Phones Now Cost More Than Its Laptops

You've seen the iPhone 6. You've seen all the hands-on, er, 'reviews'. You've examined the specs and the design, and you almost certainly want one.

But then there's that sticky issue of the price.

Fortunately, in the case of the straightforward iPhone 6 there isn't too much difference from the previous generation. Our breakdown of the likely cost is a handy guide to your options for unlocked/contract pricing, storage sizes.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the new, larger iPhone 6 Plus things are a little bit less appealing. In fact, as this juxtaposition makes clear, the 128GB version of the phone marks a pretty important transition point for Apple.

Not only does it sell more phones than laptops, its phones now cost more than its cheapest mobile computer.

Now, to be fair, there are some caveats:

  • Since you'll probably buy your iPhone 6 on contact, you'll probably pay much less up front
  • This is the cost of the largest 5.5-inch, 128GB iPhone 6 Plus versus the cheapest 128GB Macbook Air
  • The Air has a lower-res screen, an older processor and is probably much easier to make than the iPhone 6 Plus

Still -- it marks something of a watershed moment. So, which would you rather have?


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