Windows 9 Is Real, And Shows A Return To Desktop

Windows 9 screenshots have leaked - and they appear to show Microsoft's intentions for what will be the biggest update to its new tablet-friendly operating system since, well, the last one.

The screengrabs come courtesy of ComputerBase and show some key additions to the desktop screen. Any Microsoft app that's running on the desktop now has a traditional 'File' button but instead it's a Windows logo.

Next up there's a notifications panel which will appear on the desktop and then fade when you've either done something about a particular alert, or ignored it.

There's another that shows the return of the traditional 'Start' menu but we already knew that was making a return.

For the workaholic there's the addition of 'Virtual Desktops' which lets you create offscreen spaces that can be stored with apps running within them.

You then simply bring up the menu and select which desktop you want to switch to.

Windows 9 is still very much in the tinkering stage and isn't expected to arrive until at least the middle of next year.

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