Artist Turns Old Photos Into Terrifying Haunted GIFS

Kevin J Weir is an artist who works with GIFS, whether it's creating moving photographs or turning old paintings into moving landscapes.

He's extremely good at what he does and his latest venture might just be his finest yet. Taking old pictures from the Library of Congress Flikr account Weir turned them into haunting 'living' photos that show landscapes and people from the early 1900s.

You can see the originals over at his website here or you can check out the gallery below for just a taster of Weir has done.

As haunting as they are captivating it's hard not to get sucked into watching them while the artistry involved has to be respected.

Weir's previous work includes pieces for Coke Zero as well as the Greenland Tourism board but it goes without saying that these are the pictures that have caught the public's imagination.