Rihanna's Gone Grey!

Rihanna's Gone Grey!

Rihanna has landed her debut cover for Tush Magazine and she's got a brand new look.

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The 26-year-old singer has gone grey. That's right, those signature black wavy tresses were traded in for some heavy-duty bleach. She's colour co-ordinated the eyebrows and lashes too.

Rihanna shared pictures from the shoot, by photographers Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold, on Twitter.

Okay, so she kind of looks like some new world nymph queen out of Game of Thrones/ Hunger Games (it's the beaded headgear, the chains, feather-clad outerwear and the white lips) but the singer can definitely pull this off.

And it's pretty modest for RiRi, no?

Fully clothed and in an array of stunning designer gear from embroidered metallic dress, gunmetal grey bodysuit, leather thigh-high boots to actual angel wings. This might just be her most standout look yet.

And yes, she's still got that smouldering pose down to a fine art.

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