Susanna Reid Wears £40 Asda Dress On Good Morning Britain

Susanna Reid Wears £40 Asda Dress On Good Morning Britain

Susanna Reid has proved you can look sexy and sophisticated in supermarket style.


The TV presenter displayed her fabulous figure in a purple lace dress on Good Morning Britain on Thursday morning - which was a purse-pleasing £40 from George at Asda. Yes, really.

The V-neck outfit is actually designed for "high octane evening dressing" according to the website, and comes fully-lined with a flattering and elegant knee-length hemline.

Susanna teamed the dress with tumbling tousled curls and a pop of bright pink lipstick, and also added a skinny nude waist belt.


After viewing figures dropped in May, it was reported that TV bosses wanted Susanna to adopt a "softer" image.

According to the Mirror, she was "urged to lighten her hair to appear less harsh, wear lighter, brighter colours, watch her skirt length, look 'sympathetic and engaged' with interviewees – and to nod a lot."


She certainly came across as lighthearted last week when she left the whole studio in fits of giggles while interviewing former Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens.

According to the Daily Mail, he was on the show to promote his new film The Guest, and Susanna innocently asked: "You must have had to beat off a lot of American men to get this part?"

To which everybody dissolved into laughter. She later took to Twitter and said: "That wasn't exactly what I meant..."

Beautiful, funny and looks great in a supermarket must-have.

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